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Accutane Side Effects Bowel Injuries May Merit A Defective Drug Lawsuit

Swiss-based Roche Pharmaceuticals has seized profits of more than $ 1 billion yearly by marketing its defective drug Accutane – a drug causing incurable, lifelong injuries. These injuries don’t involve facial blemishes, but rather an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which may mandate removal of the colon. Such a fate faces many of the 5 million… Read More »

360CUT 360CLEAR Acne Clearing Pills, Strongest All Natural Acne Supplement. Natural Ingredients, Accutane Alternative, Reduce Acne Scars, Promotes Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

WHAT IS 360CLEAR? 360CLEAR is an all-natural, all-body boost in an easy-to-swallow capsule, designed to promote healthy skin from within your body.  You can take the pill and give up the harsh topical products that hurt or even damage your skin. WHAT DOES 360CLEAR DO?  Clear, healthy skin doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Some of us… Read More »

Long Before Accutane Recall, Defective Acne Drug Caused Bowel Disease Injuries, More

Accutane is a potent, prescription-only acne medication which millions of Americans took to cure their acne between its release in 1982 and its recall in 2009. Now many thousands suffer a variety of serious Accutane side effects, including permanent bowel injuries. And to blame is Roche Pharmaceuticals, which knew even before Accutane’s release of its… Read More »

Accutane – The Big Controversy

What is Acne? a chronic disorder characterized by excess production of oil from sebaceous glands causing of the hair follicles to become plugged. Pimples, papules, pustules and comedone, (black heads and white heads) cysts, infected abscesses, and sometimes scarring are the lesions to be treated in acne. Do you suffer from acne? You are not… Read More »

Accutane Side Effects Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis May Merit An Accutane Lawsuit

Since 1982, Americans have taken a “miracle” acne treatment medicine labeled Accutane. Consumed orally and dispensed via prescription, the potent drug Accutane was supposed to banish blemishes, zits, pimples and other acne through active ingredient Isotretinoin. It enabled skin to renew itself, increase the body’s Vitamin A and lessened the release of oil by the… Read More »