The Vacuum Method As A Treatment For Impotence

By | June 29, 2017

For many men, who suffer from impotence that affects their ability to maintain an erection, their first choice of treatment may be the vacuum method. The vacuum equipment can be prescribed by a doctor. The vacuum method is most successful when a man is able to have a partial erection.

When the man wants to have sexual intercourse, he can use the vacuum device to pump blood into his penis so that he will have a full erection. A hand pump is used to create a vacuum inside a hollow plastic tube in which the penis has been placed. If the tube is held against the body correctly, a seal will be formed to maintain the vacuum as long as necessary.

It can take a few minutes until a full erection is achieved. At this time, the erect penis is removed from the plastic tube and an o-ring is placed at the base of the erection. The o-ring acts to trap the blood inside the penis so that the erection will be maintained for duration of sexual intercourse. It is recommended to just wear the o-ring for up to half an hour at a time. The o-ring must not be worn for any longer than that because it restricts blood flow. The use of blood thinners or the potential for blood clots should be discussed with your doctor before choosing the vacuum method as a treatment for impotence.

As an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, injections or surgery, many men are willing to try the vacuum method before deciding on other treatments for impotence. The vacuum method can be a safe and reliable method that enables a man to have sexual intercourse regularly if the man follows all instructions on proper use of the device from his doctor.

Although, for some men, taking the device out and setting it up may seem to take some of the romance out of the foreplay. This is why the vacuum method is a better treatment for men in a stable relationship. For many other men, who are just glad to have the chance to have sexual intercourse again, they can get past this hurdle with no problem. The vacuum device may not be suitable for all men based on their size and shape. It is extremely important that the o-ring and vacuum tube is correctly fitted for the best results. Otherwise, discomfort or pain may result.

Although, it can take some practice to get the pump working effectively for a full erection, once a man gets the hang of it, he can use his vacuum pump and have sexual intercourse anytime that is right for him. The vacuum method of impotence treatment has an immediate effect that many men appreciate and once they get used to using the device, they can have their sex life back. If the man wants to change his mind about treatment, his experience with the vacuum pump will have served its purpose with no lasting effects, when the equipment is used properly.

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